9 Hangover Essentials

Hangover Essentials
Pajamas | Who wants to sit around the house hungover in jeans? Not me.

Sweater | For when you’re chilly and want to cozy up.

Sunnies | The hangover must necessity when you decide to brave the great outdoors, or for when you’re too hungover that the natural light in your house is too much to handle (I prefer to wear mine when I use the bathroom for the perfect amount of visibility when paired with the light).

Sleep Mask | Because no one wants to deal with the sun coming through the blinds at 7 o’clock in the morning when you went to bed at 5AM

Concealer | No one wants to see your under-eye bags, not even yourself. I opt for a liquid concealer versus a concealer stick because it tends to hide more of the regrets from the night before.

Water Bottle | Hydration is key, and its scientifically proven that if you drink from a water bottle vs. a glass, you’ll be apt to drink more water and you’re currently hungover because you didn’t drink enough water and keep your body hydrated when you were binge drinking last night.

Advil | To keep that killer headache at bay and allow you to get through the day. Pro Tip: Take some Advil at night before you head to bed to prepare for the hangover come morning (maybe you won’t even get one because you took Advil before bed!).

Book | I’m obsessed with this cookbook – you first take a quiz to assess the type of hangover you have, then you turn to that section to find the yummiest recipes that coincide with your hangover symptoms to get feeling better, faster!

Socks | To keep your toes warm when you’re shlucking (is this even a word?) around your house all day, or on the couch but too warm for a blanket.

XO, Rachel
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