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I went to a private high school that was thirty minutes away from where I live, so every day between commuting to school and not being able to carry a backpack during school hours, carrying my laptop with me wasn’t an ideal situation. When I was a senior in high school, my parents got me an iPad for Christmas and it completely changed my high school career. It was easier to carry during my commute and throughout my school day.

When I first came to college two years ago (EEK!) I had bought a MacBook Pro for school so I wasn’t using my iPad as much. Being in my junior year, I realized that my iPad is my baby and the apps that are available on it and the convenience of it is so much better than lugging my laptop everywhere. I have finally gotten my schedule down pat and rely on my iPad every day to keep my life as calm as possible

iPad Apps Every College Student Needs:
Social Media:

Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook | Staying connected on the go is always super important. Although these apps can be a distraction when trying to get work done, many universities, professors, coaches, and students have started accounts on various forms of social media to keep everyone in the loop as to what’s going on around campus, when practices will be held, and when homework assignments are due.
Photoshop Express | I like using this app just because it has more filters than on Instagram, I can fix blemishes, and crop/edit the photo in so many other ways

Bloglovin’ | Follow all of your favorite blogs in one spot so you don’t need to constantly be jumping from webpage to webpage. On this app you can also connect your blog and “like” other blog posts that will be saved for future reference. 
WordPress/Blogspot | These apps are available int he app store and make it easier to update and work on your blog on the go.

Mint | Mint is hands down one of my favorite apps. As a personal finance app, you can connect you bank account and the app let’s you budget (and set limits), you can view how much money you are spending (categorized: food, gas, groceries, etc.), and it lets you keep track of your balance and your transactions
Mobile Banking | Most banks have their own mobile banking apps which are a lifesaver. On them you can manage your bank account, transfer money from/to different accounts, and deposit checks.

myHomework: myHomewokr is such a helpful app. It allows you to add your classes, professors, and homework assignments and when you are in the calendar portion of the app, it tells you what is due on that day and what classes you have. Also, when you are under the homework subsection, there are three categories: Complete, Late and Upcoming. This is awesome because you can see what assignments you have completed, which you didn’t finish on time, and what assignments you have to complete for the near future. Definitely a life-saving app!
StudyBlue | This app is perfect for studying. I know in the past I have had a lot of trouble figuring out what works for me so I always go with the trusty flashcard. The benefit of this app is that you can add your school and your classes. The flashcard portion is awesome too. I always find myself taking the time to write out my cards then I’m too tired to study after. This app makes that option unavailable!
Easy Pmpodoro | I know, I know. We all have timers and stopwatches on our phone. But this app lets you set a “working” alarm and a “break” alarm! Sometimes I forget to take breaks because I get so caught up in what I’m doing, so this app is awesome for letting me know when it’s time to stop and take a few minutes to myself.
Adobe Reader | A lot of my professors e-mail me PDFs or my online classes have the PDFs to download and read. The Adobe Reader app makes reading PDFs so much easier (and it’s free!).
One Note | This app is fantastic for note taking in class. It is literally a digital notebook. You can add your sections, have different notebooks and pages, insert pictures, graphs, and lists. It also allows you to write wherever you tap and you also have the opportunity to use a highlighter! With your OneDrive, One Note connects with all of your devices! Someone in your class miss a day and they ask you for notes? You can e-mail the notes to them right through the app!
Excel, Powerpoint, Word | All these apps are free and you can take full advantage of what the normal program would be like on your computer! I absolutely love that there is an app for them, which makes working on the go even easier. 

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