Balancing School and Blogging

The world of academia is a stressful one. If you’re like me, sometimes it’s difficult to balance school, work, and extracurriculars. For me, my main concern is balancing college and blogging. School is always more important than blogging, but I do get stressed when I don’t get the things done I want to for my blog or I don’t post as consistently as I would like to be. 

I figured I would share my (not so secret) secrets on how I balance the two and still stay sane!

School & Blogging

+ Build a Schedule

Since I started my blog during the summer when I was not working, I was able to fit in blogging whenever I wanted to. I would have posts published every day and I was very happy with my consistency. When I first came back to school, I was still trying to post every single day and I would get really upset if I didn’t have time to work on something and missed a post. Since then, I decided I would launch posts Monday through Friday and use my weekends to plan and organize posts out for the week. Now as I’m two weeks into my second semester, I’ve been a little busier and stressed so as of right now I’m blogging whenever I have time and launching those posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. When you’re in school you have to figure out what time frame works for you and stick to it. If you have to make changes, so be it. Your readers will be accepting!

+ Use a Planner and Color-Cordinate 

I have always kept my blogging planner and my school planner separately and recently I decided I needed something better for my blogging. I purchased this Sugar Paper planner from Target and instantly fell in love. At first I kept just my blogging stuff in it but I loved it so much that I made the decision to also use it for school. I normally would get confused and overwhelmed by this, but I color coordinate everything in it. This might not work for everyone, and it might not last long for me, but I figured if I like the planner itself so much and carry the two around all the time anyways, why not combine them?

+ School is ALWAYS More Important

I do it all the time, I miss a day of posts and feel like a terrible person but it’s only because I got a ton of homework piled on me and at the end of a long day I always just want to cuddle up and watch Friends on Netflix. Don’t ever feel like blogging should come before school. Your education is the thing that will get you places in life, and even though blogging can to, your education is more important

+ Treat Blogging Like a Job

As many girls use blogging as a creative outlet, I need to treat my blogging like a job. I get up, eat breakfast, get ready for my day and sit at my desk to tackle my blogging. If I don’t get ready and pretend I’m going to work, I’ll end up laying in bed to blog but end up watching Netflix. Take your blogging as seriously as you feel necessary or you could end up forgetting about your blog and not give it as much TLC as it needs.

+ Give Yourself Some Down-Time

If you always worrying about school and blogging, you’ll drive yourself insane. Make sure you give yourself some “me” time – watching your favorite episodes, eat some chips, read a book. “Me” time will give you the break you need and the energy needed for all the blogging and school work you know you will be doing all night long.

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