The Best Hashtags to Use on Instagram

Last year I did a post on the best hashtags to get your Instagram noticed and I received such great feedback about it that I thought I would do an update! Instagram is a really important platform to utilize as a blogger and biz owner. The more likes, the more comments, the more followers you have can help direct more traffic to your blog and allow you to potentially increase your income when it comes to sponsored posts and opportunities.

But even when you’re posting every day, commenting on other accounts, and working hard to have a cohesive feed, how do you gain those authentic followers? Answer: hashtags. Using hashtags is a great way to bring more traffic to your account and more options for others to find it. Below you will find a round up of all of the hashtags that I use (depending on the photo, of course!) and a free printable for easy reference in the future!

The Best Hashtags to Use on Instagram

Any blogger or biz owner will tell you that finding the right hashtags to use takes time and a lot of trial and error. I have finally figured out which hashtags work and which hashtags don’t work so that you no longer need to be testing out new ones each and every time you post on Instagram. Don’t forget you can use up to 3o hashtags on a given post so take advantage and use as many related hashtags as possible and post them in a separate comment on the photo, not in the caption!

You can download the printable here.

You can access the rest of the hashtags that I absolutely love using on Instagram here.

When push comes to shove, don’t give up on Instagram! It’s such a great platform that can really help promote your brand so keep trying and working hard on it.

What are your favorite hashtags to use on Instagram?

Download your free printable here.

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  1. December 31, 2016 / 9:34 AM

    Ah I love this! I have a handful of hashtags I use on all of my pictures but I will have to add these next time I post!


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