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So today at work (well, when you’re reading this it was yesterday), I started jotting blog ideas down and had a fabulous (yes it was so awesome I had to bold FABULOUS) beginning to this post written down and guess who forgot the piece of paper at work? Me. So, now you’re stuck reading this horrible blog post that I’m writing quickly so I can catch up on last nights episode of the Bachelorette. Did I even use the right “nights”? It might be “night’s.” WHO KNOWS, WHO CARES (yes I did have a scorpian bowl with dinner #backoff #judgeme #idareyou #noshameinmygame).

So Dad’s Day is right around the corner and if your dad is like mine, he asks for socks, underwear, and some crazy expensive car every year for Father’s Day. With. Out. Fail. This doesn’t work out for me for two reasons. 1. Sorry dad but I’m not buying you socks and underwear, that’s weird. Oh, and 2. If I had $50,000 to buy you a car with, I’m sure I’d buy myself one first #sorrynotsorry. But this year, THIS YEAR, I’m trying super hard to think of some great gift ideas, so I threw together some of the items I have my eye on so that if you, like me, have a dad that asks for the same thing every year and you really want to switch it up for once. Don’t worry, I added in some socks JUST IN CASE ALL ELSE FAILS. Check it.

Holler at your girl for putting together some great gifts. Can you tell I was getting frustrated with my collage in some spots (*hint* near the socks *hint*)? I’m hoping I end up getting the Grill Daddy grill brush, I know it will make my life 10x easier (on the rare occasion that I take to the grill). 
None of these gifts suit your dad? Check out some classic dad stuff below:

What are you getting your dad or the guy in your life for Dad’s Day?
Xo, Rach

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