Go-To Fall Nail Polish Colors

Fall has finally arrived in Massachusetts and I’m like – HOLLLLLAAAAAAAAAA. Seriously though, I’m so excited for the fall weather and that I have finally been able to pull out my OTK boots. My favorite part of fall is saying goodbye to all the pastel polishes and to say hello to all of my go-to fall nail polish colors. So maybe I cheat and wear some of them year round, but I’m excited to dedicate myself for the next six months.

Go-To Fall Nail Polish Colors

From left to right: Red Red Wine / Incognito In Sausalito / In The Cable Car Pool Lane / Forever Yummy / Styleconomics

Go-To Fall Nail Polish Colors

Go-To Fall Nail Polish Colors

Go-To Fall Nail Polish Colors

Go-To Fall Nail Polish Colors

Red Red Wine / Cruelty free, organic, and the prettiest red wine color. What more could you ask for? I am very specific about the nail polish brands that I use, simply because of the ease of removal and how it looks on my hands. It’s silly but it’s me. Anyways, this color is amazing and looks even more amazing when you add more layers. 

Incognito In Sausalito / I really dig dark colors. Incognito In Sausalito is a dark blue that is so dark it appears black except under certain lighting. Looking for a twist on your favorite light blue summer polish? This one is for you.

In The Cable Car Pool Lane / I must admit, this is one of my go-to nail polish colors year round but the color is definitely more acceptable come fall. I’ve had this color on my toe nails for the last three months, and it’s not coming off any time soon. If you try any of these nail polishes, this plum meets cranberry is a must try.

Forever Yummy / This mine as well be called candy apple red (that’s probably already a color) because it’s the perfect shade for fall and the holiday season. I’ve talked about it before, and I will continue to rave about it. I am all about Forever Yummy for Christmas with all the mistletoe to go around.

Styleconomics / An oldie, but a goodie. I don’t typically lean towards shades of green, especially on my nails. Styleconomics is a gorgeous holly green color, that like Incognito In Sausalito, is dark and almost appears black in some lighting.

I low key hoard mail polish, but for whatever reason, I’m drawn to only a handful of polish colors. I firmly believe that having a “signature” nail polish color is one of the keys to success, so be sure to pick out a couple colors that you love and will be wearing all fall!

What are your go-to fall polish colors?




  1. September 23, 2016 / 8:21 AM

    I think that dark blue is the polish my husband got me for Mother’s Day. I didn’t think I loved it (haven’t tried it yet), but your description makes it sound pretty awesome. I’ll have to try it!

    • September 28, 2016 / 10:23 AM

      I love it! It’s dark but it’s a fun color for fall/winter!

  2. September 23, 2016 / 8:36 AM

    Wine reds, I love raspberry for summer but for fall it gets deeper and more purple. I love your choices!

    • September 28, 2016 / 10:24 AM

      Wine reds are amazing!

  3. September 23, 2016 / 9:16 AM

    I am in love with Mindy Kaling and this book! I also really like to do gold polish in the fall. at least one nail

    • September 28, 2016 / 10:25 AM

      Gold polish would be so fun!

  4. September 23, 2016 / 1:02 PM

    Love the nail polish colors but more importantly I LOVE Mindy’s book!!

    • September 28, 2016 / 10:26 AM

      Aw, thanks Carly!!! Mindy’s book was very good!

    • September 28, 2016 / 10:26 AM

      Poor Little Rich Girl is so cute! You need to try the green, it’s amazing!

    • September 28, 2016 / 10:28 AM

      Thank you! The names really are always the best!

  5. September 26, 2016 / 9:35 PM

    Fall nail polish colors are my favorite!
    Xo, Kelsey

  6. September 30, 2016 / 10:42 AM

    Great shades, I am happy to day that I have almost all of these polish colors. The green I gave away and I don’t think I will be buying again…

  7. October 3, 2016 / 2:37 PM

    I love these, the green colour is so unusual! I am so happy I stumbled across your blog, you seem like such a lovely person and never stop doing what you do! x


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