Going Back to School with Square Cash

I absolutely love having apps on my phone that make my life easier, and after only a few short weeks of using the Square Cash app, I’m completely in love and have no idea how I lived in a pre-Square Cash world. Secret: I’ve always been a fan of PayPal for transferring money for an assortment of reasons, but never really used it for online shopping and many of my close friends didn’t feel like taking the time to set up an account. Thankfully, Square Cash has come in handy in that sense. It’s a safe, free app and setting up your account takes less than five minutes, all you need is your debit card handy, and wa-la!

Going Back to School with Square Cash
While you’re getting ready to head back to school and finishing up your last-minute shopping, don’t forget to download the Square Cash app. We all know that moment when you finish a meal out with your girlfriends and the waitress comes over with your check way to well. Everyone stares at each other, deer in headlights, trying to figure out what to do. Some people have cash, some have their cards. This app solves that problem perfectly! And what’s even better? You can use it for business transactions as well and soon I will be incorporating it with my blogging even more (and I can’t freakin’ wait!). Could you ask for a better app? I think not.
Have you used Square Cash yet?
Xo, Rach

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