How to Organize Your Agenda

I use and rely on my agenda like it is the Bible while I am at school. I take it everywhere, I am constantly writing things in it, and I am always checking it to make sure I didn’t forget to do anything. This year I decided to try something new – Kate Spade. In past years I had used the Lilly Pulitzer agendas and I absolutely love them. They’re fun, bright colored, and have stickers! BUT, this year I decided I wanted something a little more sophisticated so I went with the Kate Spade agenda and so far I love it! I know a lot of people have trouble with organizing their agenda and at this point in my life, I am a pro so I’m here to share some of my tips with you!

Can you tell I miss my Lilly agenda just a wee bit?

Use It | Don’t buy an agenda to turn around and have it lost in the black-hole of your dorm room just weeks into the school year. Bring it with you, everywhere. You’ll always be sure what is due next, what meetings you have to attend, and when you have free time.

Color Code | I can’t stress this enough – color code. Use one color for homework assignments, one for extra curricular activities, and so on and so forth. This keeps all of your activities and assignments organized, especially at quick glance, and keeps your agenda colorful!

Monthly Overview | Use it! I like to use mine to record any fun events, birthdays, and major due dates/meetings. It gives me a chance to look forward to fun things (trips, sports games, birthdays) over the month and helps me keep an eye on deadline!

Post-Its | Post-it notes are incredibly helpful. When I’m in class and I need to write down extra helpful hints for homework, I write them on a post-it to stick in my agenda. They’re also good for to-do lists and any other sort of list you need to make! I often find myself thinking of blog ideas in class and don’t want to lose them!

Notes Section | Use your notes section to keep track of usernames and passwords for your e-mail, academic programs and software, and your favorite shopping websites! Never write down your banking information!

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