iPhone 6 Plus Cases

I have been debating whether to get the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus for a few weeks (*cough* since November *cough*) now and I have finally decided that the iPhone 6 will be the perfect phone for me. Although I do love the 6 Plus, especially the camera, I decided it was a little TOO big for me! When I go out on the weekends at school I love being able to just through my phone in my pocket and that might be a little too difficult with such a large phone!

When I first posted about my debate between the two phones, I had included some of the iPhone 6 cases that I had my eye on. I finally decided on getting Lilly Pulitzer’s First Impressions case, I absolutely love the colors and with all the snow here in Massachusetts, the case is really helping me think Spring. Anyways, after publishing Time for an Upgrade, I got a lot of feedback from my readers saying how happy they were about the post because they had been having a hard time finding cute iPhone 6 cases. I was so happy that I could help so many people out (cute phone cases are important, you know) and I really wanted to share some cute iPhone 6 Plus cases that I have my eye on just in case I change my mind last minute!
iPhone 6 Plus Cases
White Confetti | Tusk In Sun | Confetti Dot | Hot Pink & Orange Stripe | Red & Yellow Stripe | Colordip Blue | Fuchsia Bloom | Eat Cake For Breakfast

What iPhone 6 Plus cases do you have your eye on?

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