Tips & Tricks for Acing Your Finals

I get the worst end of the semester blues every year fall semester comes to an end. Between the cold weather and knowing there is still six months until summer, I just can’t handle it. Luckily for me, I graduate in May so this is the last time I will be spending my December finishing up my fall semester and itching for winter break to begin in my undergrad career. So maybe I’m being a little bit too dramatic, but what type of college student would I be if I didn’t complain about all of the finals I need to study for and all of the final papers I need to get done in the next week? Thankfully Luvo Learn has my back so I’m sure to pass all of my exams with flying colors.

I’m going to share with you some top secret secrets that will help you ace your finals, but before I do so, be sure to put on the comfiest clothes you own because studying for finals is not glamorous.

Acing Your Finals

TRICK NUMBER ONE: Make a master list of everything you need to get done – what finals you have to take, what final papers you have to write, and all of their due dates and test times

Making a list of everything you need to get done with due dates and test dates allows you to look at all of the craziness from “the outside.” Knowing when you have to get what done by allows you to work studying, writing your papers, and test taking into your schedule easier as well as shows you what you need to focus on first. To do this, I just use a regular note pad (this one is really cute!), pen, and highlighter. I separate each “to-do” item by class and write the due date next to each assignment (or test date) and then I use a highlighter to highlight those due dates! I always do this – even on a weekly basis throughout the semester. I feel more in control of my work.

TRICK NUMBER TWO: Head over to Luvo Learn for any last minute study guides

Luvo Learn is a great resource and last minute study hack that will help you get a good great on that big test or lengthy paper you have to do. Luvo offers textbook outlines, lecture notes, flash cards, and video tutorials well as last minute one-on-one live tutoring session. Not only can you search for study guides and flash cards, tutors, and video tutorials by subject, school, or tutor, you can also sell your study guides through the website to earn a little extra cash! There’s also opportunities to become a tutor, if you’re into that kind of thing! Luvo Learn is a multi-use platform that caters to all of your needs.


TRICK NUMBER THREE: Don’t forget to take breaks

Taking short breaks (10-15 minutes) every hour allows you take give your brain a rest so you don’t overwork it studying. Use this time to use the bathroom, have a snack, watch a little bit of the show you are currently watching on Netflix, or even time to stalk your ex-boyfriend on Instagram. Okay, I don’t do that last one, but you get the point!


TRICK NUMBER FOUR: Getting sleep is important

I have never been able to pull all-nighters when studying or getting a paper done. After a certain point I can’t focus on what I’m doing at all, which ends up hurting me rather than helping me. Even if you’re someone who is capable of pulling an all-nighter, be sure to get some rest and an adequate nights sleep so that you’re recharged and ready to go on the day of your big test!

What are your secrets for acing your finals?
XO, Rach
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  1. December 10, 2015 / 2:04 AM

    "stalk your ex-boyfriend on Instagram" ha ha, I can get lost on Instagram since I don't think any of my ex bfs on there. I just make sure to spread out my studying and try not to cramp. I also read out my reviews on my phone voice recorder then play it in my car when I'm driving. 😀

  2. December 10, 2015 / 7:38 AM

    I get anxiety just thinking about taking another test in my life! Haha… Finals were always so stressful (I always overprepared and would get such test anxiety), so good for you for being diligent and providing these great tips!

  3. December 11, 2015 / 3:16 PM

    Great tips! I really hope test taking is something I never have to personally do again 😀

    I was usually good about it, but math always made me a complete nutcase. Good luck!

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